Company Overview
Registered Name G Proportion  Architects, Inc.
(カブシキガイシャ ジー プロポーション アーキテクツ)
Registered First Class Architect office, Registered to Hiroshima Prefecture Governor #16(1)5175
President President and CEO: Keizo Yano
Licenses First Class Architect, MLIT Registered 262390/td>
Energy Savings Construction Advisor
Member of the Japan Institute of Architects
Regional (Chugoku area) Leader of Passive House Japan
Established February, 2007
Capitals 10 M JPY
Offices Hiroshima Office: 7-29-1 Patoria asahi H, Nishiasahimachi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City,〒734-0002 JAPAN
Hiroshima Atelier: 9-13, Midori 4 Chome Minami-ku,Hiroshima City,〒734-0005 JAPAN
For inquiries, please call our Hiroshima office
Types of Business ・Planning, designing, and managing residential homes
・Planning, designing, and managing kindergarten, childcare and welfare facilities
・Designing high thermal insulation and highly air tight residential homes and facilities
・Pursuing and providing consultations for comfortable residential living environment
・Providing consultations and designs for establishing store concepts
・Providing seminar lectures and writing papers
・Managing and producing informational materials for bed and breakfast Operation Regions Over all of Japan
Operation Regions Over all of Japan
Clients’ regions: Aomori, Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo, Kamakura, Nagoya, Nagano, Yamanashi, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Okayama,
Tottori, Shimane, Hiroshima, Kagoshima, etc.
Hiroshima Office: 7-29-1 PatoriaasahiH, Nishiasahimachi, Hiroshima City, 〒734-0002 JAPAN
Hiroshima Atelier: 9-13, Midori 4 Chome Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, 〒734-0005 JAPAN