The reason taking in FENG SHUI
I appreciate you showing interest about FENG SHUI. It is because I was thinking of talking about my long-term research, “The impact of living space on life”. It might sound weird; however, I restate that living space has an impact on your life in either good or bad ways.

Have you heard about the following?
●I do not feel good after I move.

●I heard that one of the family members collapsed while building a new house.

●After adding on space, the family relationship became awkward.

●My child cannot focus on task s at the new house.

●That house has been burglarized so often.
How do you think? There are more similar stories and you might think the same way about these stories. I have been in the architecture industry for 20 years, and I have experiences where similar cases happened.

Also, when I talk with my contractor friends, they had similar episodes. Then, I borrowed layout drawings of various things happened at houses from them, and compared with layouts of houses that I was involved with building to see if there is a trend that house layout influences on the family.

I noticed some of the tendencies of the layouts.

Then, I consulted various books. Some of them mentioned the same things that I have experienced. That was FENG SHUI and house divination: these are becoming a boom recently. “Oh, that’s so strange.”- I was amazed with the similar tendencies that I have been analyzing and formulating.

But, if I take a look at each book carefully, there are disagreements among them. For example, one thing FENG SHUI says is another thing in house divination. I am a person who believes only what I have experienced, so I was very confused with these disagreements. I started to think seriously: “I understand some of what these books say, but how can I increase accuracy with what I have formulated?”

What came across my mind was to see specialists of FENG SHUI or house divination. I met a couple of them; however, no one made me convinced. Among them, I finally came to see a specialist who has analyzed FENG SHUI in more than 20,000 cases. I honestly posed my question to him.

“It is normal that the information is congested. People who practice FENG SHUI criticize the people who practice house divination, and the others criticize vice versa. The most important things are to have integrated views that match the climate in Japan. I have been demonstrating the practice for 30 years.”

All my questions have been solved. According to him, this wisdom has formulated as statistics more than 1,500 years ago. Before the WWII era, many people in Japan utilized this idea. However, after the War, there is also a trend of times, general Japanese have not used to use.
Although it is very famous that some business men or great industry leaders, such as Konosuke Matsushita, utilized the ideas whenever they opened their offices in Japan.

Finally, the specialist’s idea is getting popular because of the current FENG SHUI boom. Since then, I have teamed up with the specialist and strive to build houses utilizing the idea. The interest things for me are I have been observing many cases where families are bringing in good fortune.

Here I have an example of Ms. U who lives in Hiroshima City and remodeled the entrance to her house. She had relayouted the entrance door to the area where would develop her fortune. She was glad for the bright atmosphere around the entrance. In addition, a good fortune came to her. She had been looking for a life-long career. After a couple of months remodeling, her first self-published book was planned to be released and the mass media paid attention to her book. Now, she is taking active roles as a lecturer about the book regularly. There came out more similar examples. I said at the beginning of this chapter, “either good or bad ways” means this case.

Realize that if we make a space useful to take in good fortune, we will be able to have good luck.
I think that FENG SHUI is an important concept to apply “happiness and wealth of family” to the objective space. And, I can utilize FENG SHUI in a real situation, not at the desk.

Then, let’s talk more about FENG SHUI. The following steps are necessary to utilize FENG SHUI.
  1. 1. List the dates of birth of all people who live in the house.
  2. 2.Analyze the best direction of each year, and search the properties in that direction.
  3. 3. After finding a property, look at the “Invination of the land”. Surrounding environment has a big impact, so research thoroughly.
  4. 4. If you decide to purchase the property, create the detailed layout of the house. Finalize the layout based on FENG SHUI and house invination.
  5. 5. Look at the best time to start building and moving in date. Set up the plan so that construction begins on that timing.
  6. 6. Conduct Ground-breaking, Topping out, and Completion ceremony during the construction.
  7. 7. Move in the house as planned initially.
How about these things? We analyze and proceed to build a house considering the above basic processes (We take the same process when we construct general buildings).
If you would like to know the details, please reach out us anytime.